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Babbletree Quiz Game

Babbletree is an educational company that helps teach English to young students that have a different primary language. Featured here is one of the many games we created for them. The goal of the game was to teach young students the English words for basic body parts. Students can play the game in Spanish at first to learn what the tiles are and then play in English second to learn the English words.

It was very important to this project that the game would be easy enough for students of such a young age to play and at the same time keep them interested. We were able to do this by combining easy to use controls (mouse only) and fun animations. The soft background music, instructions, scoring system, and encouraging words keep students engaged and motivated to play. Incorporating this game into Babbletree’s amazing website really helps them to stand out above other companies.

Click the link below and play the English version of the game.