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Stoll Rug and Furniture Cleaners

Stoll Rug and Furniture Cleaners is a family owned and operated business located in Toledo, Ohio. Stoll Rug is the premier choice for professional carpet cleaning for both residential and commercial clients. As a leader in the commercial and residential cleaning industry it was important to develop a website that would target both markets. Using dynamic visual sliders, separate services pages, lists, and imagery we were able to capture their attention.

Showcasing their award winning reputation was very important to the client. To meet this need we placed their accolades directly on the homepage with links to their reviews. Stoll Rug and Furniture Cleaners also wanted to provide its clients with a large number of tips, tricks, and product information. In order to make all the information easy to find we created a helpful information hub. Clients can quickly find what they are looking for with a click of a button, which increases customer satisfaction.

This new website has taken this family owned and operated business to a new level. Business is growing and clients are raving about their amazing service.