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Tough Lotus

Tough Lotus is an aerial fitness facility located in Chandler, Arizona. Tough Lotus offers its customers fun events, unique classes, and affordable fitness. In order to create a successful website for Tough Lotus, we knew that numerous goals would have to be met. The website would have to be easily manageable by the client once completed, allow customers to sign up and pay for classes online, provide the proper liability forms to class participants, be user friendly and be visually outstanding.

Through our expertise, creativity, and a bit of ingenuity, we were able to successfully complete all of our goals. Our client currently manages the website and makes necessary changes. Tough Lotus fitness customers can easily sign up for classes using the booking application incorporated into the website. Customers are even instructed to download the proper liability forms directly from the website once they have signed up for classes.

Tough Lotus is having continued success using their website. Customers pay for their classes online and can easily see what classes are being offered. With this easy to use website, Tough Lotus is growing and was even voted the Best of Chandler for their studio.