Update Your Business Info

Update Your Business Info

Do you update your business information on a regular basis? If not, you should. Especially when you make changes to your business that affect the way customers interact with you. Changed location? New phone number? Switching to Summer hours?  Let your customers know right away! Why?


My Bad Experience

Not so long ago on a hot, sweltering summer day, a bunch of friends and I found ourselves working hard all day in the sun. When quitting time finally hit, we all decided we wanted nothing more than some cold delicious ice cream. So we did what anyone would do. We Googled a nearby place, and perfect, 30 minutes till closing. Everyone is pumped, it’s just a 10-minute drive. We hop in the car and take off toward our destination, excitement growing by the minute. The excitement quickly turns to sadness when we pull in the parking lot. THEY’RE CLOSED!!! Turns out someone had not updated their business hours. To this day, not one of us has returned to their store.


What, Where, and How

When you own a business it’s your responsibility to your customers to update your business info on a regular basis. It’s just as important as having a digital marketing strategy. However, if you’re a super busy business owner, that can often be tough to do. In the video, I cover three critical aspects of updating your info. What, where, and how.

  • During the what segment I discuss what information you should update and give a few examples.
  • Where is all about where you need to make the updates. Think about places such as social media, your website, directories, and more.
  • And most importantly how. I cover a few suggestions for everyone including business owners with time, and those without.


Hopefully, you see why keeping your business info up to date is a critical task and have a better understanding of how you can do so. Even if you’re a super busy business owner.


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