With March Madness quickly approaching, what’s more appropriate than discussing the infamous 6th man? For those of you that may not know, the 6th man is a basketball term that refers to “a player who is not a starter but is often the first player to be substituted in. The 6th man often plays minutes equal to or exceeding some of the starters and posts similar statistics.”

With that said, I am guessing you have figured out by now who your company’s 6th man is.
No? You’re still not sure? It’s your website! Or at least it should be.

The number one problem with websites today is that they were not designed and developed with the 6th man concept in mind. What is the 6th man concept you ask? Allow me to explain.

The 6th man concept is simply the idea that your website should being working for your business at all times. Relating back to the definition of a 6th man, your website is a player working equal to your “starters” and should “post similar statistics”. Meaning your website should be working equal to your best employees (starters) and should accomplish a goal or goals (post statistics) that help your business grow.

Here are a couple of great website examples that fit the 6th man concept.

  1. A search engine friendly website that ranks high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and brings you traffic/leads without you soliciting.
  2. An eCommerce website with a store that can sell products while you’re away.
  3. A brochure style website that can teach potential clients all about your business or services without you ever meeting them.

There are obviously many different types business and thus many different types of websites that exist on the world wide web today. However, no matter what type of website you have, it should always be accomplishing a goal that will help your business grow.

If you’re website isn’t your company’s 6th man, then it’s time for a change. After all, March Madness will be over soon.

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