How to Get More Likes on Facebook

If you have a Facebook business page then you know how difficult it can be to get likes. You know what it feels like to pour hours into your content only to achieve results that seem like no one cares. Or worse, that Facebook isn’t even showing anyone your content. Well, that ends today!


6 Tips to Get More Likes on Facebook for Free

If you’ve looked up other videos on this topic one of the biggest suggestions is always, “run Facebook ads.” But buying Facebook likes can be dangerous. And what if you don’t have a budget? Or you don’t know how to run ads? Today I’ll share 6 tips with you, #5 and #6 are secrets we’ve used at Interactive Design Solutions for quite some time to get more likes for free.


1. Invite Personal Page Friends to Your Business Page


Facebook suggests you do this when you first set up your business page. However, it’s often quickly forgotten and not used as a regular strategy. Your business page is tied to your personal page and you can invite your personal friends to like your business page. You should, at least once per month, be working to grow your personal page friends, and then inviting them to like your page. To take it a step further, encourage your Facebook page followers to invite their friends to like your page.


Warning: Don’t, invite, everyone. Facebook loves engagement!!! If you invite everyone just to grow your page and those people don’t engage with your page. You run the risk of Facebook seeing the lack of engagement and not pushing your content as hard.


2. Throw a Contest!

Some of the best success we’ve had at growing our page audience is through the use of contests. Everyone LOVES to win things. If you can give away a prize that people actually want to win, in exchange for a like and/or share of the contest post, you’ll gain likes.


Be careful. First, no one wants to win 50% off your services. So make sure you’re giving away a prize people care about and want to win. Second, there is a lot of gray area in the Facebook Guidelines about contests and what you can and can’t do when running one. We’ve found Facebook will generally turn their head if your contest doesn’t violate any major rules. But if you push the envelope too far, they can, and will, take down your contest.


3. Create Dynamic Content

I despise this tip when I hear it on most videos. It sounds great. But how the heck do you do it?!? Here are a few thoughts. Make sure you have an understanding of what your audience likes or cares about. Then post that! For example, if you’re a carpet cleaning company, post a tip on how to remove slime from your carpet. It’s relevant to your audience, it’s helpful, and it’s shareable. That’s a recipe for success.



4. Engage As Your Business Page

Just like a personal page, a business page can participate on Facebook by liking, sharing, and commenting on posts. Your business page can take on a life of its own, with its own voice.  You can even like other relevant business pages by going to them and selecting “Like as Your Page”.

When you do these things other people will start to notice. They’ll see your business name multiple times, your comments, and pages will even see when you like them.


Warning: Don’t get carried away! No one wants to participate or work with a business that is just constantly spamming comments on a post. Remember, your interactions as your business page should ALWAYS bring value.


5. Join Groups as Your Business Page

Although this has been a thing since the end of 2018, it’s not widely known. Your business Facebook page can join private groups and participate just like your personal page! Take the time to browse for some relevant groups and join them!


Warning: Don’t constantly self promote! Most Facebook groups have rules. You need to follow them. Period. There’s no faster way to get thrown out and generate a bad reputation than ignoring the group rules.



6. Create a “Share Squad”

Remember at the beginning when I said Facebook loves engagement? That’s absolutely true. Often times people boost Facebook posts just to get engagement. But you don’t have to. If you create a “Share Squad” of people that will like, share, and comment when you release a post, you’ll achieve similar results.

Who can be in your squad? Well anyone really. However, make sure they are willing to share and participate with all of the content you’re posting.


There you have it! The tips above outline exactly how to get more likes on Facebook without paying. Given them a try. I bet you will see some fairly instant results and ultimately be surprised by how far your new reach goes.


That’s it for today. If you like this video leave a comment and let us know. Also, subscribe to our Youtube channel and click the bell to get notified when we release new videos. We have a great one coming next week on Monday at 9am EST. See ya!

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