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In their quest to help businesses grow online, Google is rolling out two new features for marketers and advertisers. Google Analytics will be getting a new Insights page that utilizes machine learning to alert advertisers of forecasted search trends and audience insights. You’ll also be able to see and implement corresponding automated campaign recommendations directly from the Insights page. The services are robust, so we thought we’d sum them up for you. 

Insights Customized For Your Business

The new insights page will feature a section that displays current and emerging trends based on search demand for products or services most relevant to your business. With this information, organizations will be able to better prepare with more merchandise, staff, and marketing. You’ll also be able to drill further down into your analytics with the new Google Insights page. Users can get a better understanding of what consumers are searching for, and even discover geographic locations where demand is growing the most. This can uncover the possibility of new products, new service areas, and new marketing opportunities. The beta for the new Insights page will be rolled out in the coming months. Stay tuned to Google for more info! 

Introducing Performance Max Campaigns

For even more informed marketing, Google created Performance Max campaigns.The goal of Performance Max campaigns is to offer the power of automation to more businesses. Performance Max campaigns will build on learnings from Google’s current fully-automated campaigns to deliver a more comprehensive advertisement across a wider range of marketing objectives.

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In Other Google News…New “Fast Page” Badging System

Google’s main objective is to offer an outstanding browsing experience for its users. Because of this, speed has been one of Chrome’s core principles since the beginning. The newly-announced badging system is intended to help users understand which sites are delivering fast load times, and avoid sluggish ones. Google promises to set realistic expectations so that all developers will be able to achieve an acceptable website speed.

Ultimately, Google is looking to improve the Chrome experience for its users. But, this new badging system is also a not-so-gentle nudge for website owners who don’t regularly check website speed to get their URLs up to snuff so that they may offer the best possible experiences to their users, too. As they say, rising tides lift all boats. And in this case, the tide is website speed.

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Analyzing Google’s Rebrand [And 5 Tip To Improve Your Branding]

Google just rebranded G Suite to Google Workspace and released brand new icons. This gives us a perfect opportunity to discuss the 5 most important lessons to consider while branding. Whether you’re just starting to build a brand or you’re looking to rebrand, there are some key things to consider throughout the process. Watch the video below for the 5 most important lessons about branding.

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